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Future Self

by The Globes



Recorded at London Bridge Studios and The Bog Roll
Seattle, WA between Oct-Nov 2010.

- Released 5/10/11 on Barsuk Records.
- Available on 12" Vinyl, Compact Disc, and digital formats
- Available for purchase via iTunes, and most independent record stores.


released May 10, 2011

- Produced, recorded and mixed by John Goodmanson.
- Additional engineering by Eric Corson.
- Mastered by Troy Glesner.
- Artwork by James Miller.



all rights reserved


The Globes Spokane, Washington

Debut album "Future Self" out now via Barsuk records.

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Track Name: Stay Awake
Tripping on wires on the way to the door
I give up to the ground and sleep on the floor
I want nothing here
I want something more from you

Change the controller to get out of this view
I'm fucking around with nothing to do
I want something new
I want something more from you

This time I'll join you all
Where you go and where you fall
Now that there's a place to go
I'll try to stay awake
Track Name: A Stitch Couldn't Save the World
When did things change in me?
How did compassion turn into apathy?
I'm a stitch and I refuse to keep shut

I can see the world in me
The long rusted chain of humanity
I am rust and I deceive and corrupt
You're corrupt

Look what problems do to me
Why am I happy in immorality?
Oh I'm a stitch and refuse to keep shut
So shut up

In search of future self
With no regard to current cells
Why oh why do I want to become something else?

The hope of syzygy is kept at bay by lethargy
Why oh I why do I want to become so complete?

Looking down from a hundred foot drop
I can see the beauty...

I am a stitch aching to split
Track Name: Ghost
Black crow, perched on a wire
Calls out the names of the demons I've known
And his voice echoes onward
Deep in my heart, through skin and hard bone

I feel a ghost
Inside my lungs
Telling me to run

I want to feel young and hopeful
But no spark inside me will ever catch fire
When I die, I fear that I'll die alone
If I lose my grip on the people I've loved

To be a ghost
Oh to be alone
With nowhere left for me to go
I fall back to your arms

With every day, with each long night that passes by
I feel my ghost, my fears fall into place
Track Name: Face Up Facing
Hey there, where do you come from?
Face up facing, brown eyes fixed to a poor tired world
And hey there, what better get on the stick
Or there won't be no more grass blades
To whistle through your fingers

No more green stuff (tripping through barefoot)
No more tall pines (to skinny up to the top)
No more good causes (to hold up)
And no more love